Reiko Yamada

Reiko Yamada is a composer and sound artist, originally from Hiroshima, Japan. She composes concert works, creates sound art installations and works with interdisciplinary collaborators. Her work explores the aesthetic concept of imperfection in a variety of contexts. Yamada holds a D.Mus in composition from McGill University, and is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards. Her works have been presented in venues such as The Metropolitan Museum Breuer (New York), and Sónar Festival (Barcelona). She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at ICFO (Institute for Photonic Sciences) in Barcelona.

Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait der japanischen Komponistin Reiko Yamada. Sie trägt ein schwarzes Oberteil und lächelt.
Foto © Reiko Yamada

Events with Reiko Yamada

Please Cry • Megumi Eda©Foto Nathan Buck

Please Cry

9. September 2022 @ 19:00