Harald Kimmig

Musician, Performer, Violinist

Harald Kimmig is an improvising musician and performer. In his work, he explores sounds and forms through improvisation and further connections with other arts. In his performances he expands his sound language with a language of movement. He has worked with Peter Kowald, Cecil Taylor, Anzu Furukawa, Hideto Heshiki and others. Currently, in addition to solo programmes, he can be experienced in the trio Kimmig-Studer Zimmerlin, EKT (eriKm, Olaf Tzschoppe, Harald Kimmig) as a duo with Ephraim Wegener, Lilo Stahl and others. For his performance ‘Interface’ he received the Dance and Theatre Prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg in 2019.


Harald Kimmig Photo © Marc Doradzillo
Harald Kimmig Photo © Marc Doradzillo

Events with Harald Kimmig

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