Sonia Rodríguez

Dancer, Choreographer

Sonia Rodríguez was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Spain), she is a dance choreographer based in Berlin. Her professional career began as an interpreter and dancer for the Cia Provisional Dance , Charleroi Danses ,En-Knap , Stageworks Rui Horta, H2dance, Lanonima Imperial, Lior Lev,Cobosmika, La Baraka,Cie Yann Lheureux , Cie Dysoundbo, Hausgemacht Company The Company Cía. Sonia Rodríguez was founded in 2002 and received the support from KRTU, C.C Heidelberg, Canaria Cultura en Red and Goethe Institut. Her work was being shown in Europe, America and Asia.

Sonia Rodriguez, Photo ©Nico
Sonia Rodriguez, Photo ©Nico

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