Gábor Hartyáni

Gábor Hartyáni started to improvise parallel to his classical studies 18 years ago. Later he moved toward instant composition, jazz, electronic, and world music. Besides his solo project FLoHM, he is the curator of the interdisciplinary series “instant compositionality”, the founder of the world fusion collective Khayâl and the cellist of the electronic live act NORLYZ, the Euroafrican nomad chanson group Maemo and the urban pop duo Tabula Rasa. While collaborating in Berlin, Amsterdam and Budapest he keeps on listening, (re)searching and experimenting as part of his commitment to constant development.

Das Foto zeigt den Cellisten Gabor Hartyani. Er spielt gerade Cello. Das Foto ist in schwarz/weiß. Im Hintergrund hängen große gemalte und gerahmte Bilder an den Wänden.
Foto © Cristina Marx

Events with Gábor Hartyáni

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