Events • Gesti Foto© Liam Byrne and LUX Studio

GESTI – a trilogy

15. June 2023 @ 19:00

The trilogy GESTI (ital. gestures) is based on the work of the same name by Luciano Berio for alto blockflöte solo (1966). Between the flautist Mirjam-Luise Münzel and the dancer Imola Nagy an intensive dialogue performance develops, which both artists develop hand in hand. The musical gestures of the piece take on a physical level of expression as the choreography intensively engages with the notation and structures of this work.

Events • Rooting Collage Fotos © Silvia Poch Maria Kousi


16. June 2023 @ 19:00

Composer/ singer Maria Coma and choreographer/ dancer Naïma Mazic are uncovering shared roots in their first few encounters for soundance festival being in concert with each other.

Events • Wind Up ©Colusi Ricci

Wind up

17. June 2023 @ 19:00

In their improvisation Wind up, Maria Colusi, Roberta Ricci and Edgardo Rudnitzky explore about the idea of cyclicality, that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites or pairs of equal opposites that attract and complement each other.

Events • As we drove short short horizon lines Photo © kmarinac

As we drove short short horizon-lines

18. June 2023 @ 19:00

“As we drove short short horizon-lines”is a sonic performance that travels across choreography, oral poetry and music. Thought as a living poem with many voices, languages, instruments and bodies, it is an intimate piece.