Fermín Martínez

Sounddesigner, Performer

Fermín Martínez – Interdisciplinary artist in living arts, sound design and audiovisual production. He experiments with live stage and intermediate devices, investigating interconnected and non-audio-dependent expanded listening. His personal and collective work as a creator, researcher and teacher has been presented at multiple festivals, and conferences both national and international in North America, South America and Europe. Winner of the 1st Experimental Flamenco Contest of the New Dance and New Music Festival with “Flujo [Nowhere / NowHere]”. He is currently a fellow of the Scenic Creators Program (Fonca 2020-2021). https://www.ferminmartinez.com

FermiIn MartiInez, Photo © Jacopo Bertola
FermiIn MartiInez, Photo © Jacopo Bertola

Events with Fermín Martínez

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