Lilo Stahl

Dancer / Instant Composer

Lilo Stahl – Since 1979 studies and practice in New Dance – technique, CI, Improv, Composition, further examination of asian forms of dance, Aikido, Breath/Energywork. Co-Founder bewegungs-art Freiburg, since 2006 Co-Director TIP – School for Dance, Improvisation & Performance. Solo and Ensemblework, 87 – 91 member of Anzu Furukawa’s “Dance Butter Tokio”. Since the mid-nineties her work is focussed on Instant Composition, since then she has been performing in inter-national casts with dancers and musicians. Continuous work: Duets with Harald Kimmig, Current: The Quintett – Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin trifft Michael Schumacher & Lilo Stahl

Lilo Stahl, Photo © Oliver Röckle
Lilo Stahl, Photo © Oliver Röckle

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