Katrin Vogel

Musician, Alphorn

Katrin Vogel, born in 1967 in Dresden, studied horn at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Ber-lin. She has been deputy principal horn of the Komische Oper Berlin since 1990. In the same year she began to realise her own compositional as well as improvisational projects and to expand her repertoire with alphorn. Katrin is a member of the ensemble “alphorn absolut berlin” and has been involved with new music and improvisation in connection with performing/visual artists for over 30 years. From 2012-16 she studied cultural management with a personal focus on cultural mediation and intercultural projects.


Katrin Vogel, Photo © Tobias Vogel
Katrin Vogel, Photo © Tobias Vogel

Events with Katrin Vogel

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